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Top 5 of the week, 3 categories

Luckiest Winners (This Week)
Most Amount Won

Most games played
Avatar Meskone tf2hunt.com 3440 games
Avatar Akuttaja 3267 games
Avatar Luna Spectra 2681 games
Avatar miauw tf2hunt.com 2080 games
Avatar Defender 1909 games
Avatar nierxi -AA- 1679 games
Avatar Peanspey 1331 games
Most games won
Avatar Meskone tf2hunt.com 1168 games
Avatar miauw tf2hunt.com 710 games
Avatar Luna Spectra 631 games
Avatar Akuttaja 561 games
Avatar Defender 524 games
Avatar nierxi -AA- 515 games
Most skins bet
Avatar miauw tf2hunt.com 20489 skins
Avatar Meskone tf2hunt.com 14696 skins
Avatar Paran Water 14114 skins
Avatar Akuttaja 12450 skins
Avatar weirdo doggo 11616 skins
Avatar draft 11464 skins